Renée Snelson has worked with a myriad of iconic brands in the fashion industry designing some of the most coveted shoes. Taking to the streets of New York per the pseudonym XORS, Renée has become notorious for what she calls “shoe-fiti” – bright, electric, and emotive graffiti-esque shoe caricatures that speak to the darkness of the fashion industry, the competitiveness of female culture and the acquisitive nature of consumerism. Heavily influenced by the fleeting nature of fashion, Eastern methodology and meditation, Renée explores narratives that fuel contradiction in her recent works.

Renée’s artwork has been showcased by Patricia Fields and featured in numerous publications including WWD, Footwear News and a profile feature in Marie Claire. Her artwork has been featured in exhibitions in New York and London.

In 2018 XORS X FL00D created Fully Design Co, a creative company of artists, designer’s and craftspeople who produce groundbreaking visuals for various events and installations. Recent work includes art, video, props and window display for clients such as Macy’s and Bloomingdales.

Renée Snelson’s passion for shoes still maintains and she is actively working on various projects in the industry. Most recently Renée collaborated with Jimmy Gabriel of Global Brands Group, to develop his concepts, inspiration and vision into a super fresh sneaker and slide line called Goats Company, launching July 2019. Renée directed the line, designed and developed the Goats logo, sneaker and slide product, packaging, and launch video animation.


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